AVM FRITZ!Powerline 540E WLAN Set International 500 Mbit s Ethernet LAN Wi-Fi White 2 pc(s)

AVM FRITZ!Powerline 540E WLAN Set International 500 Mbit/s Ethernet LAN Wi-Fi White 2 pc(s)


AVM FRITZ!Powerline 540E WLAN Set International, 500 Mbit/s, IEEE 1901,IEEE 802.11b,IEEE 802.11g,IEEE 802.11i,IEEE 802.11n, Type F, Fast Ethernet, 10,100 Mbit/s, Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n)


The FRITZ!Powerline 540E WLAN Set Edition International combines fast networking over the power lines with the flexibility and convenience of wireless LAN. The Set contains the two powerline adapters FRITZ!Powerline 540E and FRITZ!Powerline 510E. This device duo lets you set up a fast powerline network or expand an existing one. The FRITZ!Powerline 540E adapter is also equipped with an independent wireless access point, which makes fast broadband access available practically everywhere in the home. Any network devices can be integrated into the home network quickly and easily – even those located where no direct wireless LAN connection to the Internet router is possible.

Internet at lightning speed everywhere with powerline
Any outlet can be turned into a secure, fast network connection in no time at all. The FRITZ!Powerline 540E WLAN Set extends the home network using the home's own wiring at rates of up to 500 Mbit/s. The smaller FRITZ!Powerline 510E is the best device for connecting the router, for instance a FRITZ!Box, with the powerline network. On the other end FRITZ!Powerline 540E's two Fast Ethernet ports integrates other network devices like PCs, printer, TV, Blu-ray player, sound system and game consoles in your home network, with the latest chipset technology providing for particularly energy efficient operation.

Secure wireless networking at up to 300 Mbit/s and greater range
FRITZ!Powerline 540E has its own independent wireless access point. This makes it simple to expand the wireless network of the FRITZ!Box to make it available even in rooms located some distance away. With maximum security through WPA2 encryption, simple integration of wireless devices via WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) and data transfer rates of up to 300 Mbit/s and MIMO (more range for the data rates required), FRITZ!Powerline 540E provides the highest level of convenience and flexibility for wireless surfing and home networking.

Starts operating right away
One of the outstanding features of the FRITZ!Powerline 540E WLAN Set is the encryption set upon delivery, which allows safe operation to be launched immediately. The two powerline devices are simply connected with the devices to be networked by LAN cable and then inserted in the outlets where the devices are plugged in. Pairing configured ex works means that the powerline devices find each other automatically, establishing a connection protected with 128-bit AES encryption (plug & play). More powerline devices can be added to the secure FRITZ!Powerline network at the press of a button.

AVM FRITZ!Powerline 540E WLAN Set at a glance:
- Wireless Internet access at every power outlet in the household
- Create a new powerline network or expand an existing one
- Fully developed powerline technology with data rates of up to 500 Mbit/s (gross)
- For fast Internet access, transmission of music, photos and videos, gaming and VoIP
- Range of several hundred meters on the home's electrical wiring
- Linkup for PC, TV, notebook, smartphone, tablet and much more
- Maximum security in the power network with AES 128-bit encryption for data transfer
- Compatible with with IEEE P1901 and all common 500 Mbit/s and 200 Mbit/s powerline adapters
- Fast Ethernet (100 Mbit/s) for networking PCs, printer, TV, sound system, Blu-Ray player, game consoles, and more
- Browser-based user interface for control of the whole range of functions and for FRITZ!OS updates

Outstanding features of the FRITZ!Powerline 540E adapter
- Two Fast Ethernet ports (100 Mbit/s)
- Wireless access point with 300 Mbit/s in the 2.4-GHz band, including WPS function and WPA2 encryption
- Wireless LAN guest access and timer
- Repeater functionality to increase the range of a wireless LAN router

AVM FRITZ!Powerline 540E WLAN Set International. Maximum data transfer rate: 500 Mbit/s, Networking standards: IEEE 1901,IEEE 802.11b,IEEE 802.11g,IEEE 802.11i,IEEE 802.11n, Power plug: Type F. Power consumption (typical): 5.5 W, AC input voltage: 230 V, AC input frequency: 50 Hz. Product colour: White. Width: 59 mm, Depth: 41 mm, Height: 132 mm. Quantity per pack: 2 pc(s), Cables included: LAN (RJ-45)
New product

Data sheet

Quantity per pack
2 pc(s)
Plug and Play
Cables included
LAN (RJ-45)
Power consumption (typical)
5.5 W
AC input voltage
230 V
AC input frequency
50 Hz
59 mm
132 mm
41 mm
185 g
Windows operating systems supported
Product colour
Ethernet LAN
Security algorithms
128-bit AES,WPA2,WPS
Wi-Fi standards
IEEE 802.11b,IEEE 802.11g,IEEE 802.11n
Top Wi-Fi standard
IEEE 802.11n
Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) ports
Ethernet LAN data rates
10,100 Mbit/s
WLAN data transfer rates supported
11,54,300 Mbit/s
Networking standards
IEEE 1901,IEEE 802.11b,IEEE 802.11g,IEEE 802.11i,IEEE 802.11n
Built-in power socket
Ethernet LAN interface type
Fast Ethernet
Power plug
Type F
Quality of Service (QoS) support
Quick installation guide
Maximum data transfer rate
500 Mbit/s
Encryption button